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ProSystem Access

Specify this purpose built access panel for all exposed and concealed grid, suspended and framed ceilings. The proSystem panel hinges downwards and is removable providing convenient access foe service\ing all ceiling spaces.

This system is designed to hold a wide variety of ceiling material in the internalhinged frame, thus allowing the access panel to be of thesame material as the surrounding ceiling.

The PROSYSTEM ceiling access system is designed for commercial situations meeting the needs of ceiling access through both framed and suspended ceilings. It is specifically designed to allow access to services when the plenum height (roof space) or presence of services does not allow for a hatch lid to be pushed upwards.

This feature allows the PROSYSTEM to be a ceiling hatch of choice in apartment situations where there is usually no plenum height available. Should a retro-fit be needed it is quickly and easily installed without need to replaster or repaint.

The PROSYSTEM ceiling access panel consists of two hinged frames. The inner frame can accommodate a wide variety of ceiling materials, for example, gib board, acoustic ceiling panels,or particle board so as to match the ceiling material surrounding it. The lid material is held in place by two pairs of cams. These can be adjusted to allow for the varying thicknesses of lid material.

The PROSYSTEM is manufactured from powder-coated aluminium, and latched together by a small screwdriver operated cam. This is turned 90 degrees to allow the inner frame to descend to vertical and thus provide convenient access to all ceiling services.

  • Easily installed in minutes
  • Attractive powder coated finish
  • Cost effective - functional
  • Panel removable and replaceable
  • Unobtrusive - matches ceiling material

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"I have to say I think your design of this hatch is very very clever, I just love it! I think it’s amazing and just the best cleanest looking hatch I have ever seen. It’s so darn good I think you should receive a design award for it. You have made it so easy to install and thought of absolutely everything, even down to the placement of the screws with your simple to use gig. It's a masterpiece!

Murray Thompson

State Theatre Devonport

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