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Attic Ladder Hatch

No More Storage Problems! Easy access to your loft

This easy to install and operate Attic Hatch provides an insulated air-tight entry into your loft. It also enables the existing entry to be repositioned to a more convenient area of your home if desired.

With a trim size of 735mm x 575mm (29" x 225 5/8"), this hatch can be installed in minutes. It is finished in an attractive pearl white stipple finish. The color of the hatch blends with most neutral ceiling finishes.

  • Attractive Polypropylene, insulated, air-tight hatch.
  • Cost effective and functional.
  • Unobtrusive and paintable.
  • Attic hatch clear opening: 690mm x 540mm (27 1/4" x 21 1/4").


Turn hatch lock 90 degrees anti-clockwise. Gently lower lid to the vertical position (See photo below).To return, reverse the procedure.

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"I have to say I think your design of this hatch is very very clever, I just love it! I think it’s amazing and just the best cleanest looking hatch I have ever seen. It’s so darn good I think you should receive a design award for it. You have made it so easy to install and thought of absolutely everything, even down to the placement of the screws with your simple to use gig. It's a masterpiece!

Murray Thompson

State Theatre Devonport

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