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Frame Only Hatch

Frame only hatch components are designed so that the framing can be installed into Gib ceiling without attaching to ceiling joists.

The aluminium hatch frame can be manufactured with cams on the outside of the frame. The screws holding these cams can be loosened or removed. Then the hatch can then be fitted against a trim hole in a gib ceiling, and the cams adjusted to fit against the gib, and the screws tightened thus clamping the frame in place. This precludes the need for installing framing as a support for the ceiling frame, and can speed installation considerably. This solution is only recommended when light-weight lid material is to be placed in the ceiling frame.

Specify this simple square or rectangular frame when needing to trim a ceiling opening. This solution has proved most useful when needing to install a video screen which withdraws into the ceiling cavity. It then can be descended when needed.

Trim frames come in the following set sizes:

  • 300mm x 300mm
  • 400mm x 400mm
  • 450mm x 450mm
  • 500mm x 500mm
  • 600mm x 600mm

However we are able to handle any specification from 50mm up to 4 metres.

We are able to manufacture to your specifications. The only measurement we require the trim size of the hole in the ceiling. Please contact us on 09 483 6373 for a quote should you need a frame.

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We guarantee our products fully when they are correctly installed according to the supplied installation instructions.

Aftersale service

We pride ourselves on our amazing sales support. Please contact us for any assistance you may require.


"I have to say I think your design of this hatch is very very clever, I just love it! I think it’s amazing and just the best cleanest looking hatch I have ever seen. It’s so darn good I think you should receive a design award for it. You have made it so easy to install and thought of absolutely everything, even down to the placement of the screws with your simple to use gig. It's a masterpiece!

Murray Thompson

State Theatre Devonport

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